Monday, November 25, 2013

Hobby zone : paint rack review part 2

To begin with the instructions are a bit limited. In fact on my first dry run I did it backwards because the picture doesn't differentiate between the two different colored surfaces. I quickly realized the problem and reversed it without much problem. After that they were rather straight forward and quick to assemble. You will definitely need tape to hold it together while it dries. Otherwise they will easily dry wrong or fall apart.

16 pieces

first dry run, done backwards it turns out

halfway done dry run done correctly

completed dry run

other side of completed dry run

taped and glued up

completed, hung and with some paint on it. plenty of room for more paints

Yes one is hung crooked but I didn't feel like trying to fix the problem since my walls are concrete. Overall I found them easy to put together even with my 3 year olds "help".  Value wise for me they are great even with the cost of shipping being more than the actual products. They hold more than anything I can get here for equal or a lower price.  They hold about 11 bottles per a line and there are 5 on each shelf. So you have room for 55 vallejo bottles per shelf. Of course the two different size primer bottles don't fit in so I have them on top. So I definitely recommend them, so much so that I am considering paying to have 1 or 2 of the larger racks that are more universal shipped here in the future. I obviously need to buy more paint now to :).


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