Friday, June 28, 2013

end of week update

So here is what I have been up to.

stealth suit assembly 

touched up and almost repaired imperator titan

broadsides, pathfinders, drones and 2 fire warriors

the rest of the drones

As you can see I have finished cleaning up all the currently striped tau models and started assembly along with assembling new models. At the moment there is a bunch of drones, a pathfinder box, cadre fireblad, darkstrider and 2 broadsides ready to be primed and  base coated. Along with all the FSA Aqua ships. I will probably start on that tonight. I have also spent time fixing up the imperator titan in the pic. When I got it it was in rough shape and a lot of the paint was messy. I have gone through and fixed it up except for the legs which I will need to pin.

I am still assembling the stealth suits and also starting to work on the 2 devilfish and crisis suits. The only thing left for the tau is that I still need to strip the other fire warriors and pathfinders, clean them and then re assemble. I may do that before I start priming and basing all the other tau but I would like to get the FSA primed and based before then. Just so I have more space. I have also recieved a bunch more epic so I will have updates on there assembly next week along with priming and base coating pics.

Like I have said this month will not be really productive towards my painting score but will lay the foundation for a lot of future painting.

Till then


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