Wednesday, June 19, 2013

the best laid plans

Just going to address the plan for the next 3 or so months. In about 2 months I will be moving. Not a long distance move but it will have a rather impact on me being able to use my airbrush. Therefor, for the next few weeks if not the next month a lot of my updates will be in the form of assembly and base coating with the exception of my FSA Aqua force which I need to do a bit more airbushing with. This also means that my rate of completing new models will fall quite a lot. This is where my epic project will help fill the void and why you have seen me basing so much of it but not painting even half as much. So my revised plan is:
1: base coat/layer some colors on my FSA Aqua force
2. Reassemble and base coat/prime my tau force.
3. assemble and base coat my remaining marines
4. Base coat my remaining Romans
5. Possibly base coat my epic sm
6. Finish striping tau and titans
7. If I have time assemble and base coat/prime my Dropzone commander stuff
8. Sell or trade of my mantic dwarves (just don't have space for the force), Infinity stuff(just never really got into it like i did other skirmish games), high elves (no space or interest), misc extra epic and extra space marine stuff (rhinos, attack bike etc.)
9. ????

Honestly if I get that much done in next two months I will be impressed. I hope to complete as much of that as possible and then really focus on my painting again. Speaking of that I have a question for you all because I am having a hard time deciding.

What is your favorite titan legion?

Anyone painting update most likely tomorrow. Comments welcome especially on the titan legion question.


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