Monday, June 24, 2013

Spending update

Just a quick update for spending. Even though I am way over budget for my goal I will be selling stuff soon to fix that. Anyway I picked up a new pathfinder box and an FSA Aqua carrier this past weekend for 38.02. The carrier I just wanted because I don't have 1. With the pathfinder box not only do I need a few more bodies but I really wanted it for the special weapons so I have more options with my tau.

I also won an auction last week for a bunch more epic figs that should bring me closer to completing my goal. It gave me more marines, assault marines, bikes, termies, scouts and some characters I needed to help round my force out. Still need more termies and scouts but it helps some. I got it with shipping for 29.49. So
that brings my totals up to.

June: -$67.51
YTD: -$419.34

Suffice to say I really need to unload some stuff to get back below the $250 dollar mark. I should be able to do this without a problem.

Hobby update on Tues or Wed. Until then.


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