Tuesday, June 4, 2013

May round up and what to expect for the next week or two

Alright May was a great month for painting with a total of  74.25 points done up.  This puts me at almost the halfway point for my 500point goal.

Spending wise it wasn't so great. I spent $182.54. A large amount of this was on epic  stuff trying to get what I need to finish off my space marine chapter. Thanks a lot GW.

So the short of it is I have made a lot of progress on painting and really need to sell of some stuff because I am well over my $250 goal for the year. And I still have a lot more I want to buy.

This week I am taking it a bit easy and will mainly do some model assembly. So not much painting to be seen. I will post some pics of the stuff I am building later this week. This is partly because of the insanity that was epic last week and partly because I just want to do some other things.

Next week I hope to finish off my firestorm armada Dindrenzi and convert and paint up that razorback gun. Then move on to more assembly of epic and FSA aqua prime.

Anyway have a good one and see you later.


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