Saturday, June 22, 2013

Painting Notebook

Today, I wish to address something that many of the people I personally know don't use but that I think everyone should. A painting notebook. About 10 years ago is when I first started using one. Because I had painted up 3 armies and when I went back to add units I couldn't remember what colors I used where or what company I had used.

In mine I keep track of all the paints I use and there company. Along with this I keep notes such as base coat, primary colors, shades, inks etc. And also the technique I used for application. Sometimes with even what brush size I used.

Now I know others have wrote about this in the past but if you haven't seen the articles or have never considered this I highly recommend it. Especially if you work on multiple projects at once or have more than 1 army.

Below is a picture of my current notebook along with the first page. Which is the one I have used for years for my romans and updated as paints have changed. This list I have used for about 4 years.

Anyway just a though for you all if you haven't done it already.

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