Monday, August 12, 2013

Baccus 6mm Prussians 3/??, artillery and officers

Today I have some pictures and such of the Cannons and the Officers that you get. We will start with the cannons.

In the starter army I got their were a total of  4 cannons and crew. Now when all done up they can look like this. You can also get 4 additional cannons and crew for £2.50 but i would suggest getting the artillery booster pack for £11.00 which has 8 cannons/crew and 8 limbers and teams. I know I want some of these to add a bit more detail to my army. Never mind, I think I need more cannons anyway.

Below is what you receive. As you can see the main body of the cannon is one solid piece and the wheels are seperate. The crew all come on 1 strip and can then be taken off for basing. From the dozen or so cannons I have the crew are all 1 pose but at 6mm its not that big of a deal. The bigger thing for me will be how well the models assemble which should be straight forward. The only thing I don't like is there aren't more options for cannons. Mainly model wise, because lets face it their were many different styles/sizes of cannons at the time. But once again this is 6mm so I can understand why.

Next we move on to the officers. In the starter box you get what they call 3 command strips. each strip is of 3 men on horse back. The normal pack comes with 15 models though. I plan on using maybe 1 guy for battalion command, 2 men  for regimental  command and 3 for brigade command. But I am still unsure mainly due to needing to investigate more than just the black powder rule set. Which of course means I will need a lot more depending on the rule set played. But once again since its 6mm its fairly cheap for me £2.50 plus shipping of course. One important side note is that the Prussian command are technically Austrian models. But considering the scale and time period it isn't a big deal since its just really different colors that are the main difference (at this scale I would note).

As you can see from the below picture it is a limited set of poses again but you do get enough command for most games out of 1 pack.The one thing which you will see even more when I do the Calvary

I have is horses do look a wee bit funky but once again part of this is due to the scale. And I am not complaining because hell knows I cant create anything at 6mm on my own. Never mind make them crazy nice looking. This however is one complaint I have seen by other people who then use other companies for horse models instead. But to be honest it doesn't bother me. you will not being seeing them that close except when painting anyway.

That wraps up this part of the review of the cannon and officer models. More to come in the following weeks. I hope to have the overall review done by the end of the month and then of course we will see a lot more of them once I start painting them. First however I want to finish off another 2 or 3 projects. I also once again want to thank Peter from Baccus I have been in communication with him again, for general permissions and such, and he is always quick to answer and great to talk to.

Till then 

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