Friday, August 23, 2013

Official vs. Unofficial models

This may just be because of how long I have been into 40k or just here in South Korea but often I have found not just here but in many places for the past 10 years or so that people hate non-GW/FW stuff. For example, the last 3 stores/clubs I have played at only allow official models or at least 50% of the converted model must be official. To me this sucks.

Mainly cause there are many types of things that fit the scale and such that I would love to use in 40k but can't. Classic example is the releases by dreamforge in the past year. I would love to use their troops and vehicles for a small IG force. Along with a small Number of GW ones with modified weapons and heads. Never mind, I love their HW teams. Alas I wouldn't be able to play it.

 The lack of different types of models within 40k for say IG, SM etc drives me a bit crazy. Lets say I want my IG to be women and have slug throwers instead of lasguns. There are many conversion parts out there to do this but the your looking at less than 50% of the models being gw parts. Same if you want SM's but not the run of the mill GW ones, different shoulder pads and paints aren't enough for me. Now I know part of this is unrealistic because the cost for GW to do so many variants is unrealistic. But at the same time, I don't see why so many clubs/stores have these rules. For tournaments I can understand. You want the models to be clearly what they are no doubts. But outside of that I think it's a bit crazy. I have actually canceled two projects because I would never be able to use them here. I was going to scratch build a warhound and a manta. But with the rules here I would never be able to use them. And unfortunately most people here don't have the space to game at home.

What's your view on it? Am I just being winy or is it really just crazy?



  1. thats very sad, a real cramp on the imagination. Here obviously you have to use GW stuff in GW stores, but everywhere else (clubs etc) anything goes. My traitor imperial guard infantry are all Warzone minis (plastic Bauhaus from Prince August) for example and no-one has ever said anything except how cool they look.

    1. Lucky man. I have only ever been to a GW store once. And it was not player friendly. But the past 2 clubs and 2 stores I have attended both have this attitude. My current store even has a rule posted specifically on this issue as well as proxy models.