Sunday, August 18, 2013

DZC starter announced

This past week Hawk wargames announced their new 2 player starter set for DZC this kind of excites me because it is for the two factions I don't have and the overall contents and price look like a pretty good deal.

So here is what you get in the box.

United Colonies of Mankind:
- 3x Sabre Main Battle Tanks
- 3x Rapier AA Tanks
- 2x Bear APC’s 
- 30x Colonial Legionnaires 
- 3x Condor Medium Dropships 

The Scourge :
- 3x Hunter Main Grav-Tanks
- 3x Reaper AA Grav-Tanks
- 2x Invader APC’s 
- 30x Scourge Warriors 
- 3x Marauder Medium Dropships

- 2x Urban Streets Posters, will join together in 4 different ways to create a 48”x33” road layout
- Both posters feature stunning artwork on the reverse face!
- 10 x Pre-cut, pre-folded card buildings in 10 different designs

Rules and Accessories:
- Full sized Dropzone Commander 1.1 Core Rulebook
- UCM and Scourge reference sheets with stats, army composition and quick reference tables
- Starter scenario and turn sequence prompt sheet
- 10x 14mm D6 black dice
- 1m/38” Hawk Wargames tape measure keyring
- Full set of card templates and Scenario Object tokens

As you can see models wise it isn't that many but this is enough to build 2 basic forces. Which is excellent compared to certain other starter sets. This also brings back a bit of nostalgia from back in the days when gw used to do the same. I mean yes today's starters are nicer than they used to be but they used to be literally a game you could actually play out of the box. Were today's starter box you don't actually have enough stuff to build a basic force without spending more money. Never mind the terrain, yes the old GW terrain wasn't that great but it was better than nothing.

Safe to say I am psyched for this and plan on buying one closer to the holidays. To me one of the greatest parts is price. £60.00 is perfectly reasonable for everything that comes in the box. Given it's only a little cheaper than a 40k starter box. But this is a much better deal in my opinion. Anyway enough of my ranting.


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