Friday, August 16, 2013

Epic plans

Well the work on the epic SM has been moving forward slowly. One of the problems I ran into is because I didn't have the cash when the surprise we no longer are making the models announcement happened I am seriously lacking in some rather expensive to get models. Mainly in assault marines but also terminatiors and scouts and even some more rhinos. I also have no real tank assets besides land raiders, rhinos whirlwinds.

So I am changing my plan from making the first company a termie company into it just being a vetran company with a termie detachment. Scouts and assault marines I will just have to buy along with almost 30 more rhinos. Luckily now that I have completed my inventory I know what I have to trade/sell so I can soften the cost a bit. Right now I have all the models needed for 3 of the 4 battle companies and only 2 more assault stands to finish off the 4th. Then I need 18 more stands of assault of the assault company and 13 more scout stands for the scout company. Then I just need more rhinos. for everything else. On the bright side I have plenty of extra devastators and command models to trade off and I am pretty happy with my titan selection. I will also have other bits and bobs to  trade off of extra models.

So if you have or now someone who has some scouts/rhinos/assault marines to trade/sell for let me know. Break down of my planes for all the units to come along with rough point total.


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