Friday, May 8, 2015

More Tau progress and attempt 3

First off I finished off the smart missile systems for the devil fish. I also completed another gun drone and darkstrider. I am not counting the missile systems as models done because they have always been a planed part was just waiting on bits. So that is 2 more models and 4 more points.

 Then following the advice from Greg, I took another shot at the Fireblade here is the result.
Please keep the comments coming guys. I am enjoying hearing new ideas and trying to improve my painting. So far between the two attempts I have 1 like it and redo them all and 1 person saying the original was better. Personally I am happy with all 3.



  1. I think the wash definitely added a lot of contrast and helped bring the colors together. There is nothing to say you can't use all three techniques to add variety into the units :) Maybe do a shot of all three side by side!

    1. Lol only have one of this guy but I can paint up a fire warrior and ink darkstrider rather easily so a comparison shot can be done.