Friday, May 1, 2015

Review of the first 4 months

The first four months have been productive, but not as productive as I would have liked.

I have managed to paint 47 models/terrain projects for a total of 103 points.
Here is what they were:

9x sniper drones
3x marksmen
23x other drones (will update this when I go back and count the types)

Space Marines
5x assault marines
1x chaplain
1x siege guy

1x Sargent
1x earth shaker

FSA Aqua
1x manta battle carrier

1x warhound titan

1x planet

I have bout 27 models. This isn't completely accurate because I also bought some DE jetbikes and hellion stuff to make DE BFG ships. I think it will make maybe 8 ships.
9x tau BFG ships
3x XV9's with phased ion
1x broadside
10x FSA aqua ships
4x heavy weapon Space Marines

Spending wise I have already blown most of my budget. On the bright side I have all the bits and everything for all of my current projects. I will probably spend the rest on my Trafalgar stuff or on some mats. But we will see. I have a feeling I may go over budget if even a quarter of all the rumors turn out to be true this year. Especially with the temptation of DZC space ship game.

Anyway painting table tomorrow with some good news.

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