Friday, May 10, 2013

An interesting article

Today on one of my favorite blogs . They were talking about how with systems differentiate in the mentality of owning armies/factions. It is a great read and for myself very true. Living in South Korea you tend to see very few games. The most commonly played are usually 40k and fantasy, then either infinity or FOW. The honestly I have seen more FOW than infinity played. I know part of the reason is that here in South Korea miniature wargaming is still rather rare and the one store in South Korea carries a limited range of games, partly because of the size of the store I think. This is in no way a slam on this great store but it does limit the range of games people buy into. For example I only know of two epic players within an hour or so of me. Don't know of any FSA, DZC, DW and only one ACTASF player. So it can be a challenge to find opponents. But I have found that many people will try a new game if you have all the required models to play it. So next time you see a game you really want to play, I recommend taking the dive and getting two armies going or 1 larger one you can split equally.

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