Saturday, May 4, 2013

How I paint Romans

This is a step by step tutorial on how I painted my romans. An important note I assemble the models without their shields. And in the case of banners and musicians without their arms. Small note most of the paints I used were the old Gw ones. Recently as I run out I have substituted Vallejo Game colour paints.
Step 1+2

Step 1: Base coated with Black. I used Gw's Chaos Black

Step 2: Did the armor and weapons with Gw's chainmail.

Step 3: Clothing with Gw's Scab red

Step 4: Belt, scabbard, Javelin handle, Boots and base  with Gw's Graveyard Earth.

Step 5: Skin Gw's elf flesh.

Step 6: wash skin, Javelin, base and boots with Gw's Gryphonne sepia
Steps 3-6

Step 7-1 : basecoat shields with Gw's Chaos Black

Step 7-2: Paint back of shield and front exposed wood with Gw's Graveyard earth

Step 7-3: do 2 coats of Gw's Blood red on shields

Step 7-4 Wash shields with Gw's Baal Red

Step 7-5: Shield edges and punch are done in Gw's Leadbelcher

Step 7-6: Musical Instruments are based with Gw's Chaos Black and then painted with Gw's Leadbelcher

Step 7-7:Banner shafts are done with Gw's Graveyard earth and the metal parts are done with Gw's Leadbelcher

Everything except basing

Hope this helps.
Step 7-8: Paint skin and clothing on arms same as for models.

Step 8: assemble models

Step 9 Base

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