Wednesday, May 8, 2013

DW painting update, FSA progress and preview of upcoming project.

Today is a good day. Managed to finish off most of my DW brits. I still need to finish 1 bomber and need to completely repaint the other.
The Frigates

cruisers and battleship

guns and generators(just need their magnets on bottom)
 So that leads to me getting closer to my 200 point objective.
May: 13 points
YTD Total: 180.5 points

Next up my FSA. I have started painting all the details on the models starting with the sides and such of the engines.

Above is a preview of my next project. The best part is with most of the models I have gotten in the past couple months I am almost ready to start building it. Can anyone guess what it is? Also apologies for the pics. I am trying to get my hands on a new camera.

Till then,

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