Saturday, May 25, 2013

Current and upcoming project list

I have a lot of projects going on at the moment and ones I have models for but need to get moving on. So here is a list in no particular order of importance.

1. 28mm warlord games Romans : this army is almost half done after my current project I am thinking I should finish this one off.

2. 40K tau: these I have been experimenting with for stripping. They really need a new paint job. But until I find a cost effective way to do this they are on the back burner.

3. 40k Space marines: this project I am about half done. I need to finalize my general list so I can get ride of my extra models (such as my 3 extra rhinos). But should be able to finish in the next few months.

4. Mantic Dwarf army: honestly I am going to just sell or trade these all away. I don't really want anymore 28mm armies and have never been huge into fantasy. Scifi and historical are my things.

5. DW Prussian force: is finished for now. I may add more models in the future but haven't thought about it at the moment.

5. DW Britannia force: Almost finished this one and its in the same boat as the Prussian force.

6.FSA Aqua prime fleet: this one I haven't started yet but would like to at least do up a test model in the next few months.

7. FSA dindrenzi fleet:  This is currently on the bench and almost halfway done. May add more in the future but it is fine for now.

8. FSA terran fleet: this one needs another omni stand order and a fleet box before I really get started on it.

9. EA/Netepic space marines: this project I have a large amount of models ready to go, some painted, some need stripping and still need to acquire a few more things. Have I think around 8k-10k easily.

10. FOW british force: this I think I am going to just scrap. The more I read the rulebooks the more I feel that building a standard size list is just too expensive for me at the moment and that off shore artillery is just to broken.

11.BP 6mm Baccus Prussian 1808- This one I should have everything I need to complete. It will just be a mammoth undertaking due to the sheer number of little guys I need to paint. I also need to finish researching the uniform colours.

12.DZC Shaltari forces: this project is on the back burner till I can think of the proper paint scheme.

13. DZC PHR forces: Same as the shaltari, on the back burner till I can figure out the right paint scheme.

After all of this I have no idea what else may come up. Once I minus two of the projects from this list it still leaves me with 11 projects to complete. With most of them just needing me to paint them. This should also be more than enough to keep me busy this year into next year.

Anyway, till next time

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