Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update fail

I planned on updating today with pictures of my mostly done dindrenzi ships. However, last night was one screw up after another. The priming with the airbrush went fine. But well doing the preshading and then when doing the basecoat everything fell apart. I was using vallejo game color extra opaque heavy red, and my brushed completely clogged up three times and I was barely able to get the two battleships mostly coated. I had thinned it to the point of 50/50 and was still having issues. So I took the brush completely apart again for a final thorough cleaning. At this point between it all the clogging cleaning etc I had spent an hour and a half on it and decided to call it a night since I was so annoyed. So tonight I will take another shot at it and hopefully have better results to show tomorrow or friday.

Until then,

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