Monday, May 20, 2013

What are you looking for from your game?

Today on Intl' House of Paincakes there was a very interesting article about the search for the perfect game. It got me thinking about my choices in games recently. I myself have noticed that I am tending away from any 28mm game. Partly because of space but also partly because of the rules. I have a FOW Brit force that I have been thinking of doing up that I have about half the models for. About 10k worth of EA/netepic marines that need to be done up. Along with all my DW and FSA armada. Nevermind my upcoming 6mm BP Napoleonic prussian force.

I know for myself I am looking at a few key factors.
1. The ease in which I can learn the rules
2. scale of the models
3. Scale of the games I can play (ie how long and how big)
4. Cost of entry into the game

This has driven a lot of my choices in purchases over the last year. It is also why I have been slowly getting rid of a lot of 28mm stuff. Such as my massive IG foot army I sold a couple months ago. Which leads me to my perfect game.

1. an active community/ support from the company.
2. able to be played in any size/time so from half an hour to 3hours
3. Small scale 15mm or less.
4. ???

This is one of the reasons I love BP and Hail ceaser. I can play it in just about any scale. The community and warlord games itself has done a great job in finding ways to help eachother out. You also get this to a lesser extent in other games. The big one for me is also cost and space. A lot of the games I go for these days can be played on 4'x4' or less. Which is great when you live in Seoul Korea. Space is a premium here and even the only game store is tiny compared to the ones in the USA or Australia I have been to. In fact the gaming areas alone in those countries have often been bigger than the whole store here. Cost is always a big consideration. Most of my smaller scaled games I can have a two decent size forces for less than the cost of 1 normal size force of 28mm. One of the best examples of this is my prussians for BP which I will break down in a future post, either this week or next week.

So what is your perfect game?
Until then

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