Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well I managed to get the airbrush working right and in less than an hour had all the basecoat and post shading done on my dindrenzi.I actually used 3 different shades of red. Next on them will be engines and guns followed by trying to do all the panel lines. Think I will get a fine tipped paint pen for that part. Unfortunately the paint I picked as a base is just too dark for the preshading of those detail lines I tried to do. Or I still need more practice with the airbrush.
I followed this up by detailing the 3 cruisers from my DW brits and some of the frigates. After that I need to touch up the paint in various places and give them a wash/ink. Magnetize them and bam done. Then I just need to finish off the bombers.

.A review on my airbrush, airbrush station and compressor will soon come. Along with a review of omni stands.

Till then

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