Saturday, July 6, 2013

A look at my goals for this year

So this year I had 3 goals.

First, was my main goal the painting challenge, to complete 300 points later increased to 500 points. As a refresh my scoring goes like so:

6mm=0.25 point
10mm/15mm fig, 6mm vehicle, DW fighter tokens= 0.5 point
28mm figure, large tank for 6mm-15mm, DW ship/aircraft, FSA ships= 1 point
28mm large model/tank= 5 pts

I have so far achieved 252.75 points. This is just over half way to my final goal of 500 points. I should be able to easily complete this goal. Just based on repainting my tau and finishing off my Romans. Hopefully, my move doesn't screw this on up to bad.

The second was spending. Specifically $250 dollars or less with the overall goal of breaking even if possible. I knew this was a long shot to begin with. At the moment I am at -$419.34. In order to decrease this I am planing on selling off a bunch. Honestly this goal I am not sure if I will be able to stick to. As I still need to do at least 1 more omni stand order and buy a broadside. If I am able to make this goal great. If not, I wont to keep it at $500 or less.

The last goal was a total of 5000 points worth of models painted. This one I should be able to reach as well. I am over 3000 points easily but until I figure out the exact points I have finished for epic I have no idea on the exact amount I am over.

Hobby update on Monday,

Till then

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