Thursday, July 25, 2013

Tau and SM finished up

As the tittle says I finished up basing the priming and base coating the Tau and SM. I also primed and base coated the the warhound and warlord titans for epic.

I also got almost all of the tanks and other titans and tanks stripped and are almost ready for paint. Just a few more to finish up and then I will prime and base them all. A few I still can't get all the paint off of so I have to decide how to handle them.

In spending news their are multiple changes. FSA I bought was refunded do to some issues but on bright side I get to keep the models I got. But I also purchased some other stuff.

So the update for this month is as follows.
Ebay: + $116.35
FSA: refunded
Paints, filters etc: -$17.88
DW stuff: -$26.03
Omni stand stuff: -$24.90

Remaining for the month: + $47.54

So on the bright side I should still come out with a surplus of cash this month to roll into the debt.
More stuff as it gets done. And more baccus either this weekend or next week.


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