Monday, July 22, 2013

Accomplishments over the last few days

Honestly, over the last few days I haven't done much. I have done no airbrushing and have instead been striping epic stuff. The problems have come mainly from the tanks. More than a few had 3+ layers of paint on them. And for some I can not get the final layer off. This is despite going through the process 4 or 5 times. In some cases I can't even get the top layer off. So that has been what I have been up to. I am cleaning some up today and getting ready for priming/base coating later this week. I still have a hand full more of tanks (20 or so) that I want to try and strip down before I do the base coating and such. So expect to see a bunch of epic stuff in the update in a day or two. Other than that I have been cleaning and organizing all my stuff for the move. In other news I bought some paint, airbrush cleaner and filters for my paint booth as well so that will be included in this months spending. I still need to spend a bit more and am also chasing an ebay auction I want for DW.

Anyway more later this week and hopefully the next baccus post as well.

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