Sunday, July 14, 2013

Plan for the next two weeks.

First I want to start by looking at the list for this past week.

1. Finish tau assembly, priming basing.
2. Base/paint DW brit bomber
3. Prime remaing romans
4. assemble and prime SM
5.Assemble and  prime Epic SM
6. Assemble/ prime DZC
7. Prime 6mm Prussians

From this weeks list I have finished number 1 basically  The tau I mentioned in my last post I wasn't even planing on finishing up originally until after I move. The last of the Romans have been primed and the SM have almost all been assembled. The last 3 goals I have made no progress on.

Now on to these next few weeks.
1. Prime all the SM and last couple of tau suits. (base coat if possible)
2. Base and paint DW Brit Bomber
3. Foam for all cases to properly store SM,TAU,FSA stuff.
4. strip epic titans and due last of repairs
5. Prime as much epic as possible
7. Get accurate list of current epic stuff (not even sure what I have anymore)
8. Assemble/prime DZC
9. Prime 6mm Prussians
10. Do blogs about the different 6mm Baccus Prussian models.
11. Securely pack all hobby stuff for the move.
12. Get list of all of my paints and paints I need.
13. end of month update posts

That is my plans for what I would ideally like to do. The chances on finishing it are slim but I will do as much as I can. Numbers 1,2,3,4 I should be able to do without to many problems. Everything after that is in the if I have time category.

That being said You will see a lot of posts over the next few weeks dealing with that and then the set up of my new hobby area. Number 12 is rather important because I need to figure out what paints to order in so I can actually paint my Prussians. For example, I am pretty sure I don't have the blue I need for them. Never mind I know that I need to restock on some paints like the green I am using for my tau.

That being said I also plan on posting some things to help with organizing painting areas and of course on how I am going to base the Prussians.

Until tomorrow,

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