Saturday, July 27, 2013

Revised to do list and input needed

With the time I will have left over next few weeks for hobby stuff I will not be able to complete everything on my list so I have decided to revise it. But I have also completed a good amount over the past few weeks so I don't feel to bad.

So the revised list:
1: end of month round up next week
2:Finish priming and base coating titans
3: Paint/ omni stand the dang DW bombers
4: Finish up the foam
5: finish up the list of epic stuff
6: Titan storage solution
7: Prime more epic stuff
8: finish paint list
9: Sit down and take photos for baccus posts (already have them partially written just need the photos really)
10: Finish packing as much as possible before end of next week
11: Assemble FSA
12: assemble DW
13: Assemble DZC
14: get back on track with posting
15: prepare some posts in advance just in case

You will notice I have removed some stuff and others have been dropped down the list quite a bit. This is partially due to getting ready for the move and trying to get everything model wise secured at least a week and a half before the move. So that preparing for everything else doesn't get in the way. The Baccus Prussians getting primed and such have been doped due to time. Even the epic stuff may not get done. In fact I am not sure if I will get half of this done but I hope to. Anyway Hobby update on Monday. Should have the titans and some tanks for epic done if not more. At least I hope it works that way.

I am also looking for input on which project after the move you guys would like to see me focus on. Since I have so many. I have the following that I can do.

1. FSA Aqua prime fleet (primed/based just needs details)
2. FSA Dindrenzi (got another starter so needs everything)
3. Epic SM (mixed lot of preperation)
4. Tau (primed/based)
5. SM (primed/based)
6. DZC PHR (needs everything)
7. DZC Shaltari (needs everything)
8. DW Brit support fleet (needs everything)
9. 6mm Prussian force (needs everything)
10. 28mm Romans (primed and based)

Still have quite a bit left and will easily be able to make my goal for the year if I get organized in less than 2 weeks after the move. Though not sure how badly my hobby time will be affected by this move.

Till Monday,

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