Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Progress on the To Do List

So here is what was on my last to do list:

1. Prime all the SM and last couple of tau suits. (base coat if possible)
2. Base and paint DW Brit Bomber
3. Foam for all cases to properly store SM,TAU,FSA stuff.
4. strip epic titans and due last of repairs
5. Prime as much epic as possible
7. Get accurate list of current epic stuff (not even sure what I have anymore)
8. Assemble/prime DZC
9. Prime 6mm Prussians
10. Do blogs about the different 6mm Baccus Prussian models.
11. Securely pack all hobby stuff for the move.
12. Get list of all of my paints and paints I need.
13. end of month update posts

Now lets see what I have managed to do:
1: will be finished in next day or so
2.still need to do
3. All most finished this, just need to cut slots for the FSA ships
4. Titans are now all striped and repairs finished 
5. This is also a work in progress
7. Still need to do
8. waiting on liquid green stuff for the tanks
9. haven't started
10. Need to do
11. about halfway there
12. Already bought the paints i needed and halfway done the list
13. Will be done a end of the month.

At the moment It looks like I will be on track. Though with those new FSA models coming in I will  need to wait on about half of them until I do another order of omni stands. Other than that I think I will be able to accomplish most of these goals before my move. Next month after the move you can expect a resumption of more traditional painting posts after a bit of a buffer for moving craziness. 

So happy dance and painting update tomorrow. 

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