Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Tau finished for now

As the tittle says I managed to finish priming and base coating all the currently assembled tau. I still have yet to assemble all the suits and kroot. Honestly the suit are waiting for me to sit down with the book and decide on weapon load outs. The kroot are waiting on me to decide color scheme and if I am going to even use them. I also have a small pile of spare drones I need to figure out what to do with.

Tonight I plan on getting started priming the last of the Romans I have. I should easily be able to finish this for Friday. After that there is nothing to do this week except more assembly. Unless I prime my epic 40k stuff. Haven't decided yet to be honest. But so far I am looking on target to finish most if not all of what I want to do before the move.

Another painting update on Friday. More Baccus posts this week and next week as well.

until then

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