Sunday, July 7, 2013

Goals for this week

On trying to stay on target I have decided to keep posting my short term goals. Here is the list from last week.
1. FSA aqua primed and based
2.tau primed and based,base, paint last DW brit bomber
4. Prime remaining Romans
5. Prime epic 40k
6. assemble more epic 40k
7 assemble/ prime last of SM
8. assemble and prime DZC
9. Prime 6mm Prussians

I have completed number 1 and am halfway through number 2. Number 3 is primed. So here is my update goals for this week in order of importance to finish before the move.

1. Finish tau assembly, priming basing.
2. Base/paint DW brit bomber
3. Prime remaing romans
4. assemble and prime SM
5.Assemble and  prime Epic SM
6. Assemble/ prime DZC
7. Prime 6mm Prussians

I think I should be able to at least do 1 and 2, maybe even 3 this week.  Hobby post soon and a review.


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